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About Us

R.R. Agarwal Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. - a name synonymous with trust, reverberates along the corridors of heavenly brilliance. A legacy that we have crafted with hands that have learnt to nurture eternal stones to perfection; guided by a heart that understands the true emotions of our clients.

We at R.R. Agarwal Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. are guided by the ideal laid by our founder Shri Ratan Lal Agarwal. A pioneer in the jewellery industry, Shri Agarwal looked upon as a visionary who in a remarkable short span of time, has been able to carve a niche in the wholesale and retail diamond segment. A man with vast experience, he has strengthened his presence in the industry with his undying commitment and deep understanding of the diamond trade.

Shri Agarwal's business root track back to 1974-to a modest room in Patna where he launched his dream. Tasting success early in a small but significant way, he decided to move eastwards and establish the RR brand in the mainstream market. His clear vision laid the path along which he was able to transform his dream into glittering reality with the first RR showroom taking shape at Banstolla in Kolkata (1980). His entrepreneurial capabilities came to the fore as to build a strong client base with his contemporary designs striking a glittering cord with jewellery lovers in the region, not to mention an even larger wholesale clientele continuously pushing the demand curve further up.

The need for a glitzy upmarket showroom emerged soon, as the fashionable designs were becoming immensely popular in the market.

With the expansion of E-commerce trade, We at R.R. Agarwal Jewellers are now prepared to bring to you our own Official website. Logging onto our "" site will enable you to see our large variety of products at your fingertips. It's a 24x7 and a 365 days endeavour, helping us to reach our customers at their suitable date and time. You can sign in add/remove items in your wish list, add/remove items in your cart and order your favourite products from home. A part from all the other things. We provide transparent pricing. Moreover, the products displayed are actual products. Unlike other websites we don't upload computer designs. A special endeavour only for our customer.