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Diamond Necklace Set

R Rs.316,921 RRs.355,297
R Rs.173,767 RRs.193,900
R Rs.254,424 RRs.300,839
R Rs.390,718 RRs.438,310
R Rs.2,818,159 RRs.2,904,153
R Rs.1,105,047 RRs.1,238,507
R Rs.4,032,484 RRs.4,405,910
R Rs.473,949 RRs.534,515
R Rs.423,662 RRs.471,689
R Rs.543,074 RRs.607,198
R Rs.711,663 RRs.770,295
R Rs.354,096 RRs.397,631
R Rs.325,653 RRs.364,489
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