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Diamond Necklace Set

R Rs.318,071 RRs.356,849
R Rs.174,370 RRs.194,713
R Rs.255,812 RRs.302,714
R Rs.392,142 RRs.440,233
R Rs.2,820,733 RRs.2,907,627
R Rs.1,109,040 RRs.1,243,898
R Rs.4,043,658 RRs.4,420,994
R Rs.475,761 RRs.536,961
R Rs.425,099 RRs.473,629
R Rs.544,992 RRs.609,788
R Rs.713,417 RRs.772,663
R Rs.355,399 RRs.399,390
R Rs.326,815 RRs.366,058
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