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Diamond Necklace Set

R Rs.293,155 RRs.323,212
R Rs.161,300 RRs.177,069
R Rs.225,681 RRs.262,037
R Rs.361,246 RRs.398,524
R Rs.2,764,908 RRs.2,832,264
R Rs.1,022,402 RRs.1,126,937
R Rs.3,801,243 RRs.4,093,733
R Rs.436,444 RRs.483,883
R Rs.393,922 RRs.431,539
R Rs.503,365 RRs.553,591
R Rs.675,355 RRs.721,280
R Rs.327,138 RRs.361,237
R Rs.301,604 RRs.332,023
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