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Diamond Necklace Set

R Rs.292,226 RRs.321,957
R Rs.160,812 RRs.176,410
R Rs.224,555 RRs.260,516
R Rs.360,092 RRs.396,965
R Rs.2,762,822 RRs.2,829,448
R Rs.1,019,164 RRs.1,122,566
R Rs.3,792,183 RRs.4,081,503
R Rs.434,975 RRs.481,899
R Rs.392,757 RRs.429,966
R Rs.501,809 RRs.551,491
R Rs.673,932 RRs.719,359
R Rs.326,081 RRs.359,811
R Rs.300,662 RRs.330,751
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