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Diamond Necklace Set

R Rs.314,624 RRs.352,196
R Rs.172,564 RRs.192,275
R Rs.251,649 RRs.297,094
R Rs.387,873 RRs.434,470
R Rs.2,813,020 RRs.2,897,215
R Rs.1,097,070 RRs.1,227,738
R Rs.4,010,165 RRs.4,375,778
R Rs.470,329 RRs.529,628
R Rs.420,791 RRs.467,813
R Rs.539,241 RRs.602,024
R Rs.708,158 RRs.765,564
R Rs.351,494 RRs.394,119
R Rs.323,332 RRs.361,356
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