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Diamond Necklace Set

R Rs.292,906 RRs.322,876
R Rs.161,167 RRs.176,890
R Rs.225,374 RRs.261,622
R Rs.360,932 RRs.398,099
R Rs.2,764,339 RRs.2,831,496
R Rs.1,021,519 RRs.1,125,745
R Rs.3,798,772 RRs.4,090,398
R Rs.436,043 RRs.483,342
R Rs.393,604 RRs.431,110
R Rs.502,941 RRs.553,018
R Rs.674,967 RRs.720,756
R Rs.326,849 RRs.360,848
R Rs.301,347 RRs.331,676
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