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Diamond Ring Solitaire Ring

R Rs.99,517 RRs.103,417
R Rs.159,482 RRs.165,775
R Rs.137,535 RRs.141,547
R Rs.136,322 RRs.138,658
R Rs.120,178 RRs.125,149
R Rs.118,124 RRs.120,674
R Rs.58,137 RRs.61,386
R Rs.98,941 RRs.104,806
R Rs.141,893 RRs.146,706
R Rs.132,766 RRs.136,611
R Rs.137,535 RRs.141,547
R Rs.98,921 RRs.104,782
R Rs.167,045 RRs.173,380
R Rs.123,712 RRs.128,311
R Rs.222,183 RRs.226,838
R Rs.129,945 RRs.134,879
R Rs.135,075 RRs.139,553
R Rs.167,403 RRs.172,942
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