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Diamond Ring Solitaire Ring

R Rs.98,396 RRs.102,091
R Rs.157,674 RRs.163,635
R Rs.136,382 RRs.140,182
R Rs.135,650 RRs.137,864
R Rs.118,749 RRs.123,458
R Rs.117,391 RRs.119,807
R Rs.57,203 RRs.60,281
R Rs.97,256 RRs.102,811
R Rs.140,511 RRs.145,070
R Rs.131,661 RRs.135,303
R Rs.136,382 RRs.140,182
R Rs.97,237 RRs.102,788
R Rs.165,224 RRs.171,226
R Rs.122,391 RRs.126,747
R Rs.220,846 RRs.225,255
R Rs.128,527 RRs.133,201
R Rs.133,789 RRs.138,030
R Rs.165,811 RRs.171,058
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