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100 gm 24k 995
R Rs.504,700
The Dorotha Diamond Ring
R Rs.106,412 RRs.114,004
The Amnon Gold Nath
R Rs.11,643
The Lined Bracelet
R Rs.125,625 RRs.138,909
Victoria Pendant
R Rs.72,792 RRs.79,268
Radha Krishna Locket
R Rs.25,915 RRs.29,142
Maa Kaali Pendant
R Rs.16,139 RRs.18,899
The judi Diamond Necklace Set
R Rs.172,564 RRs.192,275
The Ayoka Diamond Necklace Set
R Rs.387,873 RRs.434,470
The Mystic Anchor Gold Locket
R Rs.8,779
Rosalia Ring
R Rs.18,448 RRs.20,918
P Name Locket
R Rs.9,340
A Name Locket
R Rs.10,149
The Rosaire Diamond Ring
R Rs.21,546 RRs.23,971
The Mena Gold Locket Set
R Rs.111,950
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